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Ancient Preparations is a line of traditional apothecary products inspired by historical formulations. Developed by an archaeologist, each artifact is handcrafted from plant-based organic ingredients as it has been done for thousands of years. Products by Ancient Preparations are wholly plant and mineral-based, to benefit both our clients' health and the world we share. All ingredients, especially that of palm and soy origin, are certified organic and responsibly sourced for minimal environmental impact. Fair trade and social responsibility are other factors accounted for in our supply perquisites, as we often source from the descendants of our products' ancestral origin. Ancient Preparations is a cruelty-free company and never tests on animals. Animals products are not included in our formulas which, if applicable, are replaced with historic and compositionally appropriate vegan substitutions. We use authentic glass, tin and resin packaging to preserve the integrity of our products and reduce the consumption of plastics. A portion of our sales is donated towards the preservation of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The history of natural cosmeceuticals spans for more than six millennia, in contrast to the mere century of being overshadowed by the chemical industry. Ancient Preparations returns to the golden age of beauty ritual.